Marketing Research and Consulting

Our research services include both consumer (B2C) and business environment research (B2B). Our task is to design a research project, i.e. a combination of methods and techniques to effectively and reliably answer all questions and client demands. The most common are:

desk research Ref. analysis and interpretation of existing data from previous studies, i.e. retrieval, combination, analysis and interpretation of previously published data (e.g. dates of national and international statistical offices, the final reports of firms and commercial databases).

estimation of market size, market shares of your company and/or your competitors.

definition of brand image and definition of market opportunities for your future marketing strategy, eventually its redefinition.

customer satisfaction survey: Satisfied and loyal customer means for each company a long time investment, knowledge of their preferences and consumer behaviour helps protect the long-term investment.

customer segmentation defines and describes a group of customers according to their specific behaviour and preferences, helping set up effective marketing communications to each group and enabling you to save costs.

pre-tests, testing, packaging design, brochures, magazines helps to define more precisely design features and graphic design needs of your customers, helps you to address the customers that you specifically intended to.

mystery shopping and mystery call, participant observation method that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the sales staff / process loyalty or professional skills of sale staff

store-checking, monitoring and mapping the assortment and its various characteristics

ad-hoc projects number of solutions for research projects is as versatile, comprehensive and broad as life itself, "tailor made" solutions will give you right answers to your questions.

data processing

Proper processing and evaluation is an integral part of each project. Corporate databases and existing datasets are invaluable sources of information. In addition to the primary data for each project we also process the secondary data and client’s own data.
      Statistical analysis usually includes a wide range of tasks:
      • cleaning and inspection
      • Data Transformation
      • univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis, including advanced methods (modelling, factor or cluster analysis)
      • explanation and presentation of the results
      Outputs will be delivered under the agreement and wishes of clients.

      Available Surveys and databases

      Available surveys, studies and databases are the result of our efforts providing clients with an easily accessible insight and understanding of different aspects and commodities (not only in) the Czech market.

      If you could not find surveys you were looking for, please contact us

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